CBD for Your Dog

Learn more about CBD for your dog, our Honest Paws CBD product line, and get your questions answered by an expert.
CBD Benefits for Your Pet Overview
CBD Benefits for Your Pet Overview
CBD Benefits for Your Pet Overview

CBD Benefits for Your Pet Overview

CBD is a beneficial cannabinoid, found in the hemp plant. It works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), in both humans and animals, which experts believe is responsible for maintaining homeostasis or a balanced state in your body.

In pets, CBD can help support:

• Nervousness and anxious behavior

•  Joint and mobility

• Travel stress

• Inconsistent sleep

• Seasonal allergies

• Cracked paws

• Fear of loud noises like fireworks and thunder

Pet CBD Resources
Pet CBD Resources
Pet CBD Resources

Pet CBD Resources

#1 FREE Webinar

You can catch the replay of our CBD for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know webinar here.

In this webinar we uncover many aspects of CBD including:

  •  What it is, how it works, and when/why should it be used
  •  Qualities of CBD
  •  Using CBD to ease anxiety
  •  Different forms and formulas of Honest Paws CBD products and choosing the right one for your dog

#2 Q&A

In addition to our webinar, we’ve also put together a thorough Q&A to help you get Your Most Important Questions Answered as you investigate CBD as the right holistic option for your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Honest Paws CBD Products at Best Friends
Honest Paws CBD Products at Best Friends
Honest Paws CBD Products at Best Friends

Honest Paws CBD Products at Best Friends

To learn more about CBD and Honest Paws products click here for Honest Paws informational brochure and a list of Honest Paws CBD products available at Best Friends Pet Hotel.

Try These Honest Paws Products Available for Purchase at all Best Friends Pet Hotel Locations Nationwide

Q&A from CBD for Dogs Webinar


How long until the CBD takes effect and how long does it last?

It can take 20 minutes to an hour depending on the size of your pet. It is always a good idea when giving CBD to your dog to start off with a small serving and work your way up to a higher serving slowly. Individual results may vary. The effects can last about 4-6 hours.

Does Honest Paws use hemp or marijuana cannabis?

Honest Paws uses CBD from the hemp cannabis. CBD is the non-psychoactive party of Cannabis. These products do not contain THC- cannabis’ primary psychoactive component. Honest Paws products are 100% natural and non-toxic.

How much do I give my dog?

A general guideline is to fall within the range of 1-5 mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight. A 70-lb dog, therefore, could receive anywhere from 7-35mg of CBD a day. The larger the dog, the more product they will need.

How do you give your dog the oil product (topically? Orally? And how many drops)? Bites (how many/much)?

For best and fastest absorption, it is best to put a full dropper in their mouth or on their food, treat, etc. You can get the same results by using the Honest Paws Bites, which have 5mg per bite, the Soft Chews containing 5mg per bite, or the Peanut Butter also with 5mg per bite. The amount to give depends on the dog size – typically, 1mg per 10lbs is a good guide to go by.

Tips on how to get my picky (and suspicious) dog to take CBD?

Have you tried it yet? Many dogs like the CBD. If you have tried it and are still having trouble then cheese is recommended. Cheese is a great way to hide it without smelling it or any type of treat that you can put it on. Treats are an effective way to disguise CBD, which is why Honest Paws makes Bites, Soft Chews, and Peanut Butter products. You can give them special treats and they do not even know they are getting the CBD.


Can my dog overdose on CBD?

CBD oil that is good quality and derived from hemp cannot harm your dog. You cannot give them too much. As long as THC is less than 0.3%, they’re out of danger’s harm. Read more here: https://www.honestpaws.com/cbd/can-a-dog-overdose-on-cbd-oil/

Is CBD Oil Ever Bad for Dogs?

Keep in mind that even good things can have adverse side effects when overindulged. If your doggo has gobbled down the entire jar of CBD peanut butter, then you can expect to see an unpleasant reaction.
Dogs that receive a CBD oil dose that is too high for their weight or age may also respond negatively. That said, hemp-derived CBD oil is not toxic and will not harm your fur child; however, your dog may experience unpleasant side effects.

What are Side Effects to CBD in Dogs?

When introducing a new product into your pet’s life, it’s essential to look out for any adverse reactions. Here are the things that pet parents have reported when it comes to the side effects of cannabidiol.

  • Low Blood Pressure. A decrease in blood pressure can leave your pup experiencing lightheadedness. Low blood pressure can result in nausea for your poor dog.
  • Lethargy. This result can be desirable if you are using CBD oils to calm your dog. However, if your doggo is sleepier than usual and struggles to resume normal daily functions, you may need to take a second look at that dosing chart.
  • Increased Thirst. Dogs trying CBD products for the first time can end up with a dry mouth and increased thirst. Make sure you have fresh water available for your dog at all times.
  • Diarrhea. Gastrointestinal upset is a normal reaction to new food, medications, or others entering your dog’s system. You can expect a slight bout of diarrhea when adding CBD to your pet’s wellness routine. However, if it doesn’t ease, then cut back on their dosage or consider another brand with a different carrier oil.

Effects from CBD over time – Will my dog plateau on CBD and I will have to give him more? Or will it be something I need to give and then it will make him mellow over time and I can wean him off?

An Honest Paws Representative found that she is giving her dog less now than she did 3 years ago. She still gives it to her for overall wellness and for fireworks, thunderstorms and vet appointments. However, she doesn’t need it as much for everyday stress and uneasiness.



What Honest Paws product do I use for joint pain?

The Honest Paws “Wellness” category is for all issues. This product can aid in calming, relief of pain, decreasing seizures, skin and coat as well as joint issues. The Wellness full spectrum CBD is a great choice for everyday issues.

Can Honest Paws work on aggression?

CBD can absolutely help with aggression. Aggression and anxiety go hand in hand. I would suggest the Calm Category for aggression.

What can help with barking at home when anyone walks by? Is this anxiety or just them being protective?

This can be both. However, the anxiety will lead to them being protective. It is recommended to use the Calm category of Honest Paws CBD products. Start with the recommended dosage on the package and increase from there.

What would it work for a dog that is very nervous about getting nails clipped? Takes 2 people to hold her in place to clip nails.

All Calm products are great for this issue. You can use the oil or any of the Calm bites, Soft Chews or Peanut Butter.



Why doesn’t my veterinarian talk about or mention CBD as an option?

U.S. veterinarians are forbidden from prescribing/dispensing CBD, and cannot encourage or instruct clients to purchase CBD products. However, they are free to talk to you about the potential risks and benefits of a treatment plan you may have devised on your own. If you are considering giving CBD to your dog, speak to your vet, and you may want to also speak with a veterinarian who has experience with CBD.

Will Best Friends give CBD to dogs at all centers?

Upon request of our pet owners, Best Friends can administer Honest Paws CBD products to pets under our care.

How will CBD interact with my pet’s current medication or condition?

Though Honest Paws’ CBD products are safe with other medications, we recommend checking with your dog’s veterinarian to be safe. The same advice applies to dogs that may have an underlying illness or condition.

Is there an expiration date on products? Any issues with using an older product?

The shelf life on our products is 24 months. There are not issues with using expired product; however, it may not have the same potency that it started with.

Have a question about CBD for your dog or Honest Paws products?
Have a question about CBD for your dog or Honest Paws products?
Have a question about CBD for your dog or Honest Paws products?

Have a question about CBD for your dog or Honest Paws products?

Send your question to marketing@bestfriends.net with “CBD Question” in the subject line.

If your question is specifically related to Honest Paws products, you can always call your local Best Friends Pet Hotel (see all our locations).

  • Best Friends Home Office
  • 535 Connecticut Ave, Suite 305
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